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At Sutherland, providing excellence in customer experience management is in our DNA. A great testimony of our core expertise in customer experience management is that our clients entrust us to process more than 48 million transactions a month. Sutherland has recently been recognized as a leading CRM provider by Gartner Group, Nelson Hall and Frost & Sullivan.

At Sutherland Research we leverage our 25 years of organizational experience to draw and deliver actionable insights and best-practices in customer experience management. Recent challenging environment has put immense pressures on companies to manage customers. In our study of 100 companies from Fortune 500 list we noted that 2 out every 3 companies curtailed their investments in customer services organization between the period of 2010 and 2011. Ironically, the service levels that customers have come to expect in recent years have increase manifolds given the emergence of the social networks. Many industry experts admit that wide reach of social networks and round the clock connectivity through smart phones and social mediums like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc. have created multidimensional challenges for Brands. We believe these enablers have created more opportunities than challenges.

Key statistics from Sutherland Research:
  • Approximately 19% of Twitter users (Source: Edison Research) are seeking customer attention via Tweet. With 200 million monthly active users (source: Twitter), approximately 40 million tweets a month
  • Another Sutherland research study in 2012 showed that around 67% of big brands in Retail, Telecom and Banking are not monitoring or answering daily customer interactions in social media.

Brands, after all, are in the business of delighting customers with exceptional experience and connecting and responding to all the promoters or detractors is a mission critical activity.

Enhancing customer loyalty, improving market share while keeping the cost to serve (customers) can be challenging and conflicting at times. Achieving all three simultaneously is a challenge that few organizations are able to achieve. Sutherland’s Customer Centric Insight Driven (CCID) approach knits all three themes together to enable clients to manage customer experience better and leverage analytics driven transformation that drives customer engagement to build loyal promoters of your brand.

Our Offerings

Based on Sutherland’s extensive experience and proprietary frameworks of in the area of customer services, we are best-placed to consult on its various facets

Social Media Analytics – Voice of customer on the web / Brand-sentiment analysis from social content
Organizational Design Best Practices- Inducing employees to deliver experience
Customer Management Best Practices
Customer satisfaction surveys / NPS (Copyright: Bain Consulting) surveys
Customer Experience Technology Assessment
Social Pulse
Our Differentiators

Over the years, Sutherland has been able to repeatedly demonstrate its ability to deliver customized customer experience management solutions at consistently high quality standards, in a cost-effective manner by leveraging:

Industry subject matter experts
Actionable insights driven from deep understanding of markets and data driven analytics
Proprietary methodology and knowledge technology –
e.g. Sutherland’s Customer Centric Insight Driven (CCID), SmartLeap™, etc.
Sales and Marketing
Customer Experience
Corporate Strategy
Testimonials View All

"Thank you very much for compiling this summary - it is a fantastic overview and saves us a lot of time. I particularly liked the quotes that you pulled from the transcripts; they were exactly what we were looking for."

Analyst, Canada-based Investment Bank

"Your model building and reconstruction is remarkable for its accuracy and speed, and you saved me several weeks of work, which I greatly appreciate."

Star Analyst, US-based Investment Bank

"Sutherland's analyst is diligent, accurate, technical and thoughtful with all of his work. He is a very thorough researcher and can find difficult statistics. He stays on top of long term projects and will continue to try to complete if unsuccessful. He continues to be a huge asset to our team."

Senior Banker, Mid-Market Investment Bank

"Sutherland's analyst is an invaluable resource to me and my team. We can count on him to generate thorough, accurate materials quickly. I am impressed with Sutherland's analysts' ability to perfectly capture what it is we were looking for, having only received limited instructions via email."

Senior Banker, Large Investment Bank
Testimonials View All

This is great!!! This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks a lot for your help and very detailed work.

Managing Director, Investment Management Firm

Just wanted to let you know that I have been going through the model all this morning and it looks very good. I have been going through page by page and it looks really good!” Thank you for the great model! I was so impressed with your work. It was excellent work

Senior Analyst, Investment Management Firm

I have enjoyed our work together over the last couple years, and it has been a privilege to be part of such a wonderful global research team in the truest sense of the term. As you know, I have always been a fan of your work ethic, your credit intuitions and your great contribution.

Portfolio Manager, Leading European Investment Bank

I was in New York recently for the CFA Institute Annual Conference and had an opportunity to see some old colleagues who have now scattered among various funds. At some point it came up that ABC is a client of Sutherland Research, and that you handle a lot of their credit research. He said you do a great job and have made their firm significantly more productive.

Head of Conferences, CFA Institute

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