Pricing Intelligence
What's in this Report?
  • This is a detailed Competitive Intelligence Study Report for the liquid CO2 market in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Kuwait and Qatar.
  • This Report consisted of the insights gathered from 55 detailed personal interviews with requisite market participants. Further, based on suppliers' sales volumes and value, SGS made an estimate of the market size. This was validated from competitive intelligence data gathered on-ground.
  • SGS researched the sector in-depth to identify the key recovery plants planned and their commissioning status in the region. SGS identified the key sectors with strong potential to consume LCO2in the near future and also validated the feasibility to set up the plant in the region through the recovery production technology.
  • This report provided an independent third-party assessment of the expected demand for LCO2in different countries that helped the client customize effective business development strategies.
  • It helped validate assumptions regarding pricing of LCO2 including its transportation cost and provided necessary justification to adjust the considered cost in the financial model in order to precisely estimate the cost and forecast revenue of the proposed plant and articulated the competitive landscape which helped the client efficiently formulate its distribution and operational strategies.