Product Intelligence on Credit Cards
What's in this Report?
  • A leading international Payment Processing Company engaged Sutherland to benchmark the personal credit cards portfolio for its client international bank, vis-à-vis the credit cards portfolio of the top ten banks in select nine countries.
  • This Report includes a detailed study for more than 1000 credit cards belonging to approximately 70 issuer banks spread across 9 countries.
  • The first level segmentation of cards was on card features in to: Travel, Co-branded, Cashback, Rewards and Exclusive. The second level segmentation was on the basis of income criteria: Mass, Emerging Affluent, Affluent and Super Affluent (Exclusive).
  • SGS built a credit card scoring model which involved scoring of 50-70 cards per country of leading issuers and a scrutiny of 75+ features of each credit card to arrive at a final score and subsequently a ranking for top cards in each of the above four categories.