Qatar Ceramics Market Feasibility Study
What's in this Report?

The Client Private Equity Firm was evaluating a proposal from a leading distributor of ceramic tiles in the GCC region to establish a manufacturing facility for the production of ceramic sanitary ware in Qatar. This is a Validation Study Report for the proposed manufacturing facility:

  • SGS conducted several in-depth interviews with participants in each segment of the value-chain i.e. manufacturers, distributors and realty players, technical consultants and plant engineers.
  • An exhaustive research was performed to procure cross-country benchmarks, industry understanding, raw material prices and financial / performance benchmarks.
  • A detailed financial model based on rigorously tested assumptions was built.
  • The Project Report included key output of all the secondary research and the financial model apart from the size of the market, expected growth rate, major segments and profitability by segment, competition and emerging market trends.