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Sutherland Industry Research
Sutherland Industry Research Sutherland Industry Research Sutherland Industry Research  
Sutherland Industry Research

Sutherland specializes in conducting bespoke industry research, with large experience in conventional as well as sunrise and niche industries. Our unique approach to Industry research and proprietary industry frameworks enables us to provide a complete 360-degree assessment of an Industry to make sure that your Investment decisions are well researched. Our incisive analysis assists you in identifying the white spaces in the industry. Our ability to deliver a bottoms-up market sizing in niche industries, which have limited coverage in the secondary domain, is our key differentiator. This ability combined with our endeavor to add value on the back of in-depth primary research empowers us to validate the key trends, identify little-known industry insights and importantly, address any specific questions on the industry that you may have.

Sutherland Industry Research

  • Industry
  • Competitive
  • Regulator
  • Benchmarking
  • Industry
  • Macro-economic
  • Market size, segmentation & growth
  • Supply-demand analysis
  • Industry outlook
  • Industry structure
  • Cost structure and profitability

  • Market share analysis
  • GAP assessment: Products & services
  • Competitive intensity and level of concentration
  • Ongoing competitor monitoring and evaluation
  • Regulatory environment scan for market entry and compliance
  • Policy impact and analysis
  • Ongoing monitoring of regulatory changes
  • Benchmarking country regulations
  • Assistance in framing Regulatory policy
  • Product & services benchmarking
  • Process benchmarking
  • Financial benchmarking
  • Operational / KPI benchmarking
  • Country regulations
  • Tracking industry health
  • Thought leadership papers, Executive insights
  • POVs
  • Customized newsletters
  • Thematic studies
  • Monetary and fiscal policy analysis
  • International trade and payments
  • Sovereign risk assessment
  • Economic forecasting
  • Budget analysis
Sutherland Industry Research
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Sutherland Industry Research
Sutherland Industry Research
Industry Research
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Sutherland Industry Research
Sutherland Industry Research
Sutherland Industry Research
Sutherland Industry Research Sutherland Industry Research
Sutherland Industry Research
Sutherland Industry Research
Sutherland Industry Research Sutherland Industry Research
Testimonials View All

"Thank you very much for compiling this summary - it is a fantastic overview and saves us a lot of time. I particularly liked the quotes that you pulled from the transcripts; they were exactly what we were looking for."

Analyst, Canada-based Investment Bank

"Your model building and reconstruction is remarkable for its accuracy and speed, and you saved me several weeks of work, which I greatly appreciate."

Star Analyst, US-based Investment Bank

"Sutherland's analyst is diligent, accurate, technical and thoughtful with all of his work. He is a very thorough researcher and can find difficult statistics. He stays on top of long term projects and will continue to try to complete if unsuccessful. He continues to be a huge asset to our team."

Senior Banker, Mid-Market Investment Bank

"Sutherland's analyst is an invaluable resource to me and my team. We can count on him to generate thorough, accurate materials quickly. I am impressed with Sutherland's analysts' ability to perfectly capture what it is we were looking for, having only received limited instructions via email."

Senior Banker, Large Investment Bank

"I would like to mention that we had a really good week with 4 out of 8 meetings already reaching the "hot" category. Great progression with the type and kind of companies we are meeting with."
Keep up the hard work.

Business Development Manager, A Global Business and Financial Centre based out of the GCC

"This is a small note to say that it has been great working with you. Projects have been:
1- Delivered on time.
2- Delivered to top standards.
3- Not once there has been a delay (if there has been it has been discussed prior)
4- You have also gone beyond work hours in accommodating our special requests from time to time.
5- Particularly want to mention Fruit Trees study where your role was very key and well positioned in dealing with our "end client". This was truly outstanding.
Full marks.
We value this partnership and you have treated it beyond a client/supplier relationship.
Please keep up the good work.

Director, A leading Consulting Group in the Middle East and Africa

We have never had many policies in the database, and until recently our process was to reach out to advisors for that plan. Our Michigan team had precious few medical policies as well. I wanted to call out the Sutherland team for their amazing work in adding over a hundred new policies-not just PA forms, but fully-developed medical policies as well. Many of these were dated 2016 and earlier, so they had been missed for years.
Our Mumbai team is struggling with our conventions, working all day with Excel, and large workloads. Every plan they've pulled this month has been brand-new to them. These are plans we've researched multiple times this year alone, and they still manage to dig up all kinds of new information. This is not something we gather statistics on, but anecdotally, I've been reading a lot of new (previously-missed) policies in the last two weeks.
I'm very glad to have this kind of ingenuity on our side, enhancing our product a few plans at a time. If you've had a similar experience, I ask you to please give the Mumbai team that feedback as well.

Project Manager, A leading global health insights provider

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