Technical Feasibility
What's in this Report?

This is a detailed Feasibility Study Report for the manufacturing of a select chemical in Kuwait focused on checking whether the local production of the chemical could be cost effective enough to replace its import within the country and whether such cost benefit was sustainable. This Study Report consisted of:

  • The General statement: Important details of the proposed project and its finance (sources as well as use of funds).
  • Marketing Study: important foreign trade statistics, estimation of available production power and estimation of sale prices.
  • Technical Study: brief description of the production operation, standard specification of the products, equipments of the project, necessary employment for the production, necessary raw material for production, public service facilities and the area of the industrial plot and cost of the buildings.
  • Economic study: Necessary investment for the project, Cost of annual production, Project finance, Estimation of annual sale value, Economic indicators, Brief of economy of the project and Brief of economic indicators.